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  Burn [trainer +5]

Options numbers is 5:
F1 - Infinite Health, gives you instantly 999 HP and it won't decrease.

F2 - Infinite Armor, gives you instantly 999 Armor and it won't decrease.

F3 - Unlimited Ammo, 99 non-decreasing bullets for each gun you own.

F4 - One Hit Kill, kills everyone at one shot but they can not kill you
by one shot. NOTE: Bot's can kill each other too with 1 shot!
The game was too freakin easy if we didn't do this:)

F5 - Instant Win/ Unlimited Lifes. If you are in a non-burn mode game,
then this option will let you win instantly. In burn mode, it will
give you 99 non-decreasing lifes.

Notes: As you can see we don't have the spare time we used to have.
Nevertheless, here is a nice trainer for a crappy UT clone.

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