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  Blacksite Area 51 v.1.2 [trainer +3]

# Hotkey Option
1 F1 Infinite Health
2 F2 Infinite Ammo
3 F3 Save Position Player
3 F4 Restore Position Player


When you are running the game in windows vista. Make sure you run
the trainer in administrator mode.

F1: Infinite Health
A pretty simple option we present you guys here. It will give you
infinite health and even protects you against grenades blowing up;).

F2: Infinite Ammo
Another simple option. It will give you infinite ammo on all weapons.

F3: Save Position Player
This option will save the current position from the player.
This can be used later on to teleport back to the saved position.

F4: Restore Position Player and Sidekick
This option can be used to teleport the player back to the last
saved position. You can't teleport back through levels.


Make sure you follow all the instructions mentioned below.

1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Run the trainer from the desktop
3. Press Rungame button and follow the steps on the screen.
4. Toggle desired Options on/off

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