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  F.E.A.R. - Perseus Mandate [trainer +5]

5 new options for yall:
F1 - Infinite Health gives you full health and you won't be hurt.
NOTE: We give you 2.5 times the standard health, so if you disable
this option you will be invincible for a short time. We did
this because you don't want to die because your standing on
grenade (instant dead normally) or by a fire extinguisher. So
now you can take a grenade or 2;)
F2 - Infinite Armor, nothing fishy here. Just non-decreasing full armor.

F3 - Unlimited Ammo, well this is a tricky one:( This option should give
99 total clip bullets for each gun. And it should give you 99
grenades and mines etc(key 4-7). However the mines and grenades will
be dummie (air) items until you find a real grenade or mine. If not
you'll be throwing empty handed. As for the guns, sometimes you will
shoot flodders and those won't hurt the enemy. You can switch to
another gun or disable/enable this option again. Eventually it will
work. But normally it just works good:) We tried all day finding out
what causes this, but we won't let ya guys wait for a trainer;)

F4 - Unlimited Reflextion Power, you can go slowmo for a looooong time.
NOTE: Well another gfx glitch here, you will see the bar decrease.
But you can still stay in slowmo mode;) After pressing crtl
you see the bar full again. So it's really only a graphical
R - No Reload, well it will freeze your gun clip amount. So no reload.
NOTE: It's not the same as unlimited ammo!

Notes: As you can see we've got allot of notes in here. But we are
searching for some solutions, nevertheless the trainer works great.
It sounds all worser then it really is;) Anyways we didn't want
you gamers to wait so long:)
What a NICE sequel this game is!

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