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  FIFA 08 [unlocker]
Unpack the included rar file into your \Documents and Settings\
your_profile_name\Documents\FIFA 08\ directory, accept to overwrite
if/when asked.

Notice, that if you haven't played the game yet, then there will be no
"A. Profiles" directory. Of course if you play in another language, then
your directory will be called A. Profiles, Where "Profiles" is in the
language of your choice.

This Unlocker will give you access to all 105 FIFA 08 challenges, all 80
unlockable items like Extras, Footballs, 3rd Kits, Creation Central,
Practice Stadiums, 2 hidden bonus items and finally gives you 999.999.999
in points.

Remember to choose our profile called Unleashed, if it does not automatic
find it or if you want to reload it.

Note: Due to a gamebug, Highbury stadium is listed as locked, but it is
actually unlocked. To check if we're right, use some points and buy
it, then normally it will ask you, to update your profile, because
you bought an item, but it does not as the item is already unlocked
/bought with this unlocker. As a 100% verify check, check out our
Unleashed profile and it will show 80 out of 80 items unlocked under
MY FIFA 08, then go to PROFILES and choose DETAILS.

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