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  Dracula Days Of Gore [trainer +5]
Three propered + 2 extra options for ya:
F1 - Unlimited Ammo, take the crossbow and shoot them instant dead! Or
just use another weapon, ow yea endless projectiles:O...
F2 - Unlimited Energy, now you can spook around with invisibility and
leave your flashlight on! Great huh.
F3 - Unlimited Health, your a vampire yourself! You cannot die...:O

F4 - Instant Crystals, find one crystal and you don't have any left to
search for.
F5 - Instant Hostages, find one hostage, and you've gottem all.

Option 4 and 5 are handy if you missed some hostage or a crystal, but for
completing the mission you will have to kill all dracula types that appea
. (those dudes that you have 2 of in the first level and won't die from
feeding them sticks). So these options are only for backing you up...

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