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  Medal Of Honor Airborne [trainer +8]

# Hotkey Option
1 F1 Infinite Ammo
2 F2 Infinite Health
3 F3 Teleport System
NUMPAD1 Save Position
NUMPAD2 Restore Position
4 F4 Super Speed
5 F5 One Hit Kill
6 F6 Weapon Upgrade System
NUMPAD4 Weapons Level 1
NUMPAD5 Weapons Level 2
NUMPAD6 Weapons Level 3
7 F7 Slow Motion Enemies
8 F8 Freeze Enemies
NUMPAD7 Restore Enemie Movement
back to normal


F1: Infinite Ammo
This option will give you infinite Ammo on all weapons in the game.

F2: Infinite Health
Another option which didn't take long to make. This option will give
Infinite Health. You can now take as much damage as you want. You
Will not lose any energy and won't have any damage.

F3: Teleport System
Here we present you guys a nice teleport system.
With this option enabled you will be given two more keys:

NUMPAD1: This will save your current position within the game.
NUMPAD2: This will teleport you back to your last saved position.

F4: Super Speed
Another option which really gives something extra's to the game.
walking is very important in the game so why not travel to new
places with the speed of light;). This makes traveling a lot more
fun. Also escaping from enemies is really easy as they can't catch
up with you;)

F5: One Hit Kill
A pretty easy option here. What this option does is it will kill
every enemie with just one hit. Be carefull though as this option
is also killing your allies with just one hit. You can't kill
your allies yourself it's nice from EA they programmed that in;).
Just be carefull with missions where you have to protect someone.
Throughout the game we haven't experienced any missions failling
because allies got killed by the enemies.

F6: Weapon Upgrading System
Another easy option. This will enable a weapon upgrade system.
Just take notice that when you enable the different upgrade levels
you first have to kill someone before the game updates your statics
to that level. Ones enabled you will be given 3 more keys:
NUMPAD4: This will fill all weapon bars for level 1
NUMPAD5: This will fill all weapon bars for level 2
NUMPAD6: This will fill all weapon bars for level 3

F7: Slow Motion Enemies
With this option enabled all enemies will start walking in slow-
motion when you are in close range. You can easily catch them all

F8: Enemies Can't Move
With this option enabled enemies won't be able to move any more.
Again you have to get in their range so they stop moving.

The reason we created it like this is, it's more fun than freezing
everyone in the world also on places you are far away from. That way
the action will still be there;).
To undo the options F7 or F8 simple press NUMPAD7. The game will update
the values and will restore the movements back to normal.


1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Run the trainer from the desktop or place trainer in game dir
3. You can choose to start the game first or you can press Run
game button and follow the steps on the screen.
4. Toggle desired Options on/off

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