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  Overlord v1.2 [trainer +7]
1. release files with winrar 3.x.

2. run trainer, run game.

3. in game Press NUMPAD 1 .. Infinite Health
NUMPAD 2 .. Infinite Mana
NUMPAD 3 .. Infinite Gold
NUMPAD 4 .. One Hit Kill
NUMPAD 5 .. Control 99 Minions
NUMPAD 6 .. Turn to Bad Overlor
NUMPAD 7 .. Turn to Good Overlo
NUMPAD 8 .. Cheating The Forge
NUMPAD 9 .. Resume All to Norma

Any time press "End" .. Quit our trainer !!!!

________________!! O o p s !!________________

Just a simple update for v1.2, nothing new :)

________________!! N O T E S !!________________

Note 1: There's couple already great trainers
on the scene for this game; so do not
bother, if you don't really need this
"another" overlord trainer.

Note 2: "One Hit Kill" also threaten your own
army (Minions), please be careful.

Note 3: The option "NUMP 8" is good for those
who just got the 1st Forge. And, this
option only cheats the Green and Blue
Minions, since people can't have them
as that point.

Note 4: Please right click on the trainer to
get the internal option info.


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