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  Gods Lands of Infinity Special Edition [trainer +6]
Six options for you summer-gamers:
F2 - Unlimited gold, you can buy the finest armour and weapons.
F3 - Infinite health, for you and your party members.
F4 - Infinite mana, for you and your party members, cast away!
F5 - Unlimited AP, do the biggest attacks constantly;)
F6 - Unlimited stat points, increase you stats. This means you will be
able to increase your health, mana, load etc. We limited it to 10
Why? Because if we give you 99 points you'll have to add 98 points
to your stats after disabling. With 10 points you can choose to
become super strong. When the option is on the 10 points will not
decrease:). So your choice!
F7 - Always enough Water & Food, you don't need to feed your character.

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