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  Chessmaster 7000 [hint]
1. Go to "About Chessmaster 7000" in the "Help" menu (in any room).
2. Wait for the "Chessmaster 2000" box to show up in the slideshow on the left
of the dialog. This may take quite a while, as there are about 20 pictures and
they are displayed in a random order for 5 seconds each. It also may be the
first picture in the cycle, so be ready.
3. When the CM2000 box is displayed, right-click anywhere on the box.
4. A full version of Chessmaster 2000 (the original version of Chessmaster)
will be launched.

Special thanks to Mr. John Merlino (the senior programmer of Chessmaster 7000)
of Mindscape!

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