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  Silverfall v1.17 [trainer +7]
Release Notes:
Update the game to v1.17
Copy over the vitality crack
Unpack the trainer
Run Before or during the game
Enable/Disable Cheats

NUMPAD1 - Infinite Health
NUMPAD2 - Infinite Power
NUMPAD3 - Give 999999 Money
NUMPAD4 - Give 999999 Exp (notes)
NUMPAD5 - Give 999999 Exp RESET/0
NUMPAD6 - Infinite Attribute points
NUMPAD7 - Infinite Skill Points (notes)
J - Hand of Nothingness ON (notes)
K - Hand of Nothingness OFF
NUMPAD8 - Disable All

Give 999999 Exp
Gives 999999 Experience points. When you feel you have leveled enough hit
NUMPAD5 to reset your exp to 0 of the current level then hit disable all
to resume normal experience gain.

Infinite Skill Points
When your running low on them just close and reopen the skills screen
to refresh your points to 100.

Hand of Nothingness ON
Anything you hover the mouse pointer over will freeze to the spot.
Anything frozen cannot be killed unfrozen or looted so use with
caution for it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Disable All
May look like you still have infinite health and power after disabling.
Don't worry you will eventually die and or run out of power after a

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