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  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2007 [trainer +4]

F1 - Infinite Rage Mode
F2 - Infinite Health
F3 - One Hit Kill
F4 - Slow Motion Attack Power


F1 - Infinite Rage Mode
This is just a very simple option. It will fill your RAGE meter.
So when you are in the middle of a FIGHT you can enable this option
and kill enemies very easy. Just take a note before we get bitched off
Not all characters you play with have a RAGE meter.

F2 - Infinite Health
This option is doing just as it says. It will give you infinite Health
no matter how much times you have been hit. Just note that the game
is only updating the Health on the screen when you are hit. for example
you did not had this option enabled before, you get hit and lost some
health. Than enable infinite health, your Health meter on the
screen is updated only when you get hit in the game. It refills too the
maximum amount and stays that way.

F3 - One Hit Kill
Like this option is saying it will kill every enemie including the
end bosses with just one HIT. It took us some time too get this working

F4 - Slow Motion Attack Power
This option is again very easy. It can be used for all characters not
having a RAGE meter. This option is slightly different. When fighting
enemies there will be stars getting filled on the screen. When 10 stars
are filled you will be given an slow motion situation in which you can
kick enemies really easy. With this enabled the slow motion will be
enabled when you kill just one enemie and the game will stay in slow
motion unless you get hit, or you cleared the area or you disable the
option by pressing F4.


1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Run the trainer from the desktop or place trainer in game dir
3. You can choose to start the game first or you can press Run Game
button and follow the steps on the screen.

This trainer is fully tested in WinXP only and tested on the FLT release
and the NOCD release by INDn"

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