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  Faces of War v1.04 [trainer +4]
Trainer options:

F1 - unlimited ammo [on]
F2 - unlimited grenades / healing points [on]
F3 - unlimited gun/tank ammo [on]
F4 - unlimited fuel in barrels [on]

F5 - unlimited ammo [off]
F6 - unlimited grenades / healing points [off]
F7 - unlimited gun/tank ammo [off]
F8 - unlimited fuel in barrels [off]

Additional Notes #1:
to enable the options you need to alt+tab out of the game
and select the trainer window, now press cheatkeys
and get back into game.

Additional Notes #2:
you need to have at least 1 ammo-package, grenade etc.
(depending on the option) to make it unlimited.
So pick it up first and then activate cheat.

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