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  Perfect Dark [N64]
How to get different codes & modes:

Cheat/Mode: Finish level: Time: Difficulty:
Invincibility Area 51: Escape 3:50 Agent
Infinite Ammo Pelagic LL Exploration 7:07 Special Agent
All Guns in Solo Mode Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine 5:31 Perfect Agent
Unlimited Laptop Gun Ammo Air Force One Anti Terrorism 3:55 Perfect Agent
X-Ray Scanner Area 51: Rescue n/a Any
Unlimited Ammo & no reloads Air Base: Espionage 3:11 Special Agent
R-Tracker Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine n/a Any
Hurricane Fists Datadyne Central: Extraction 2:03 Agent
Cloak/Invisible G5 Building: Reconnaissance 1:30 Agent
DK Mode Chicago: Stealth n/a Any
Be Elvis Area 51: Rescue 7:59 Perfect Agent
Team Heads Only Air Base: Espionage n/a Any
Jo Shield Deep Sea: Nullify Threat n/a Any
Small People Area 51: Infiltration n/a Any
Tiny Jo G5 Building: Reconnaisance n/a Any
Slow Motion (Single Player) Datadyne Research: Investigation n/a Any
Super Shield Carrington Institute: Defense 1:45 Any
Classic Sight Datadyne Central: Defection n/a Any
Perfect Darkness Crash Site: Confrontation n/a Any
Enemy Rockets Pelagic LL: Exploration n/a Any
Enemy Shields Carrington Institute: Defnese n/a Any
Marquis of Queensbury Rules Datadyne Central: Defection 1:30 Special Agent

Jo Single Player
Rocket Launcher Datadyne Central: Extraction n/a Any
Superdragon Area 51: Escape n/a Any
Sniper Rifle Carrington Villa: hostage One n/a Any
Laptop Gun Air Force One: Anti Terrorism n/a Any
Phoenix Attack Ship: Covert Assault n/a Any
Psycosis Gun Chicago: Stealth 2:00 Perfect Agent
Trent's Magnum Crash Site: Confrontation 2:50 Agent
Farsight Deep Sea: nullify Threat 7:27 Perfect Agent
Classic Weapons Get all Golds on Firing Range n/a n/a

Hit and Run Carrington Villa: Hostage 2:30 Special Agent
Alien Attack Ship: Covert Assault 5:17 Special Agent
Hot Shot Area 51: Infiltration 5:00 Special Agent
Velvet Dark Datadyne Research: Investigation 6:30 n/a

Unlocking Special Assignments:

Mr. Blonde’s Revenge is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Agent difficulty or higher.

Maian SOS is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Special Agent difficulty or higher.

WAR! is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Perfect Agent difficulty.

Duel is unlocked by finding all weapons in the solo missions and gaining at least a Bronze rating on each weapon at the Carrington Institute Firing Range.

Unlock Perfect Darkness (new difficulty setting) by beating all solo missions in Perfect Agent.

Log on at the Carrington Institute Website:
To log on at the Carrington Institute website, use the following user name and password:

Username: solaris
Password: pal32ver21z

Enter these at the 'agents only' section of the Carrington Institute's site and you'll be granted access to a new area complete with information on "CI Scientists Missing", DataDyne files recovered, biological sampling system and intelligence reports.

To get a naked Joahna:
1. Go to area 51
2. Get out a laptop gun
3. Using the laptop gun shoot someone in the head 4 times
4. Exit the level
5. Go to the opening screen
6. Play any level and Joahna will be naked

Shortcut in Mission One:
This trick helps you in no way during the solo missions, but it's still pretty cool. First you have to unlock the grenade launcher and actavate it. Then, in mission one, after you get off the roof and kill the 1st guy, go through the doors. Then kill the 2nd guy. Turn the corner and blast a grenade at the pipe. Then go down the pipe. You will be in a small room. Blast away at the walla nd go through! You will be in Cassandra's office! Objective one is in the bag! P.S. This works really well to fool the other person in counter-operative mode.

Shoot outside shooting gallery:
First you must go to the basement and find the floating crate push B to grab it. Take it in front of the shooting gallery door. Push B to let go of it and open the door grab it again. Take it through the glass door where you shoot. Turn around while holding onto it and let go of it while the door is open the door shouldn't be able open now. Then go to the computer and push B and pick any gun. You shold now be able to shoot anybody or anything outside the shooting gallery. Using rockets and grenades you can make all of the lights go out. If you shoot the guns in the displays they will disappear. You can shoot outside of the door but if you go past it your gun disappears.

Where to Destroy flying cars:
In any of the levels in the DataDyne Building go to the floors where you can look out and see cars flying. Shoot the glass and gaze out over the night sky. Shoot any of the cars with the CMP150 and they will blow up PS: Great way to kill people in the room next to you

BombSpy weapon:
1.1 datadyne central, go to Cassandras office and look out the windows. Shoot 3 police "cars" and a red "car" that does a spin in front of the window for weapon: BombSpy.

Unlimited remote mines:
If you play counter-op with a level were you have remote mines you can have a unlimited supply of then. Here`s how it goes: first you stand some where safe. Then let the bad guy disarm your remote mine. Then when you pick it up you will have one extra.

Cheese secret:
This is about the same as shooting out of the shooting galery. First you have to have the Slayer. Then put the hover crate between the doors that let you enter the firing range. Not the glass one but the wooden one. Then you stand between the glass door and access the weapons, go to Slayer and fire a fly by wire missile. Now you can go all the way outside. And if you look very well on the roof you can spot a peace of cheese. Weird hun?

Knife trick:
This trick is pretty cool, it's just like the shoot out the gallery trick but when you are at the firing range, stand in between the door and select the combat knife. Put it on poison knife throw, and throw them at that nerd who tells you "I've zeroed the sights, the rest is up to you ". Just keep throwing them at him everywhere sooner or later he'll get dizzy... when you throw the knives, his clothes will actually get bloody!!! When he looks like swiss cheese... just walk out and look at him he will still have the knives in him all the way through his body and head. It's really funny!

Guard flip trick:
I found this weird glitch on the DataDyne investigation level. First you must have the PP9i (PP7) unlocked, then when the level starts, turn right out of the elevator into the door and kill the first guard without disturbing the guards in the other room. Next, sneak around the corner and snipe the first guard in the chair, then the other guard will probably say "what the?". Turn the corner and wait for him, he should do a roll. Immediately shoot him when he's rolling. If you did it right he will do a full flip in midair! (If you shoot him when he's in the air again he will die in midair then fall to the floor! Ah man I love it!!

Log on at the Datadyne Website:
Go to the "Restricted" area at and enter "JamesTann07" as a username and "8CR31D29" as a password. 8cr31d29b

Simulant commands:
During multi-player mode, hold A to display the quick menu and press Z twice. Now you can control who attacks, and who stays with you. The following are the results for the command.

Normal: Simulant will kill everything that moves in their random path.
Hold: Simulant will attack nearby enemies while staying where they are.
Defend: Simulant will hunt down any nearby enemies.
Attack: Simulant stalks the enemy designate to attack.
Follow: Simulant follows you, but chases after nearby enemies.
Protect: Simulant stays close to you and attacks nearby enemies.

By, By, Com:
In the Carrington Institute, go to shoot gallery and get out the farsite gold only and ammo it up to the middle a bit to the right and you will see a table with a green com on it. Shoot the com or green thing and you will have shot the computer that you start at. Go back up there and it will be gone (note:when you press (START) it will come back.)

Say Cheese!:
On Carrington Villa: Hostage One, go to were all those wine bottles are. When you walk in count 3 of those things that the wine is on and on the 4th one on the top in the middle is cheese.

The gold, silver & bronze:
Is trying to get that one medal impossible to you? Here's a way to get it. It's cheap, but you can use it if you like. Select either Bronze or Silver for the Laptop Gun from the Weapon menu. Before the buzzer stops, use its secondary function. Once the gun begins to fold up into a Sentry Gun, press Start and abort the test. Now, quickly hit Start and pick the weapon and difficulty you want to beat. If you wait a couple seconds, the Sentry Gun will be tossed into whatever direction you're facing. It will help you complete whatever test you had selected.

More cheese:
I have found another way to find some cheese. Its in the first level in a secret room in cassandra de vries' office. If you blow up the wall in the corner opposite the window where the girl hides. If done correctly you should find a secret room with some cheese in a ventalation duct!

Mr.Carringtons Words of Wisdome:
This is not really a useful cheat but its neat. Go to the level where you have to save the negotiator. Get down to the wine cellar, kill all 3 guards but don't get the key from the last guard. Shoot all the wine bottles but 1 then look directly at the last 1 and shoot it one time and Carrington should tell you something, but I guess you'll just have to find out what.

Another cheese in the second Area 51 level:
It only works with the secret and perfect agent setting. Just go to where you get the uniform from the scientist but don't go to the showers. You have to open the big door and croos a plank on the upper level. You have to crouch to get into a tunnel and at the end of this tunnel you can see something yellow. Just use the sniper rifle and you will see it.

X-ray look:
Start a level where you got the X-ray scan. Put it on and exit the level and then restart it. You'll see the opening scene through an X-ray scan.

Cheap way for Challenges:
Go to Advanced setup. 2 players required. First make a save of a game like 4 meat sims,2 minutes, limit 2 kills and some heavy weapons. Now save. Then go to the challenge you want to play. Press 'A' two times then press B and go to advanced setup again. Let player 2 open the challenge and only press 'A' one time.The other guy goes to load game. Now the other guy presses A until that green menu comes and says ' And waiting' Now open your saved game and press Start. when you finish you'll have the challenge completed.

Get the Golden Magnum:
1. Go to the crash light level. 2. Go to where you save the president but first disarm the guy in the red suit and you will obtain a golden Magnum that will kill anyone in 1 shot no matter where you hit them. This is mostly good for being able to us it in advanced setup multiplayer.

Double Magsec4s:
1. Go to the first area 51 level.
2. Go through the level until you get to the big open area where the main gate is.
3. Find a tunnle type area near the open area and go down.
4. Kill the 2 or 3 guards and the minigun at the bottom.
5. Go onto the little island on witch you destroyed the minigun box and find a blue door.
6. Destroy the mechanically operated gun on top of the door.
7. Go close to the door and back up some.
8. Wait for 3 or 4 guys to come out and kill them (note: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MOVE FROM THE SPOT YOU BACKED UP TO UNTIL THE END OF STEP 9. You can turn left and right but not do move forward or backward)
9. If done proberly you should hear what sounds like 2 magsecs firing on secondary mode look to the sounds direction there should be a guard in a orange suit ( are not supposed to see them until you get to the lab area) proceed to kill him and grab the guns he drops. When you pick up the second magsec you should recieve a double magsec (note: very nifty for cleaning out the hangers)

How to play hot potato in multi-player:
1. First, you must have unlocked the Warehouse level from the challanges.
2. Go to advance set up and make all the wepaons timed mines.
3. Set the level to Warehouse.
4. Make sure you have at least 1 human counter part and no simulatutions.
5. Have somone go get the timed mines.
6. Look for a room with about 3 or 4 "floating" boxes and look for the one you can control.
7. Bring it to an open area where you and your partner(s) are.
8. Have the person with the mines attach one to the box.
9. Quickly start tossing it among yourselves and who ever gets the box when it blows will probly die.
(note 2: Be sure to let every one take turns attaching the mines or the person doing all the attaching will get all the points)
(note 3: If the box suddenly seems to disapear when it explodes it has just moved a great distance from the force of the explosion but dont worry, the box is invincible just simply find it and go back to your spot. This a good thing for the attacher of that turn to do so set up maybe a circle or something so you all get to do it)

Get the Pugilist Buddie:
If you like your buddies, go on to DataDyne investigation level on perfect agent and complete it in 6:30 to get the Pugilist Buddie (this will give you a big hand in Co operative)

4 Star Heaven:
To get all 4 stars on multiplayer:
1. Go to advanced setup,
2. Set to combat,
3. Level to random,
4. All weapons to farsights,
5. Time limit to unlimited,
6. Score to 1,
7. Team score to 1,
8. Start up player 2, (don't have any one playing for player 2 because you need it to be a gormless dummy)
9. Don't put any simulants,
10. Don't put any teams either,
11. Start the game,
12. Get a farsight and set it to target locater and you should get a lock on the gormless player 2,
13. Shoot player 2 in the head,
14. When the end sceen comes up you will have your 4 stars.

Gold medal trick:
Go to the firing range. Pick the laptop gun. Deploy it into the secondery weapon, throw it but at the same time press Start to change weapon. Change to another gun, pick the gun and press Start. The laptop gun should be fireing away scoring you a gold medal with every gun.

(Funny) glitch:
While playing the Carrington Villa I found a glitch. First I got the devestator from the single crate near the helipad. Then I tracked down to the level below where you activate the generator. After coming down the stairs there I took a right and took out the patrolling guard. Then instead of turning the corner and just unloading on the two guards stationed next to the second entrance to Daniel, I just peeked around the corner and fired a devestator grenade. I made sure the guards didn't see me first. After I fired the grenade I let the smoke clear and looked around the corner and saw the destruction. One guard was laying on the "ground" right in the middle of the air.

Make Joanna hold the knife blades instead of the handle:
First get Joanna to get a pair of throwing knifes. Select poison knife throw and draw the knifes back but dont let them go. While holding them handle back to the other function knife slash and then let go of those knifes. Those knive shoot be thrown and the next pair which come up will look as though Joanna has them in poison throw mode but when you press the fire button the will slash. (note: this doesnt effect the knifes performance in any way.)

Make Joanna pistol whip with a empty clip in a falcon:
First empty the clip in a falcon when it reaches zero keep hold of the fire button then change the gun to pistol whip mode then let go of the fire button. The gun should know pistol whip while the gun looks like the clip is empty. (note this doesn't affect the gun at all)

Carrington Institute: defense:
Alt. route for the automated defenses: kill the uncloaked sked. Down the ramp and take a left through the doors. Blow the glass and jump down, speed past your oh so useful buddies and slap the switch. Keep running to the left around the semicircular walkway (if you're really fast this guy will turn and shoot at you) smoke the guard as he is opening the door to two more of your buddies, then get in there grab his gun and slap the switch and get out of there and up the ramp. Back the door you first entered the hangar through and go the usual way to the furthest gun. Usually you encounter no more than one guard when you do it this way

Say cheese again:
Firstly, you must have the SuperDragon available, activate the gun. Go to the first mission where you are on top of the Datadyne scyscraper, kill the guard outside then kill the other guard inside near the ramp. Now pull out your SuperDragon and put it into grenade launch mode. Then turn to face the red light near the computer console on the wall with the big pipe near it. Then shoot a grenade at it and there should be a hole. Jump down the pipe and you will come into a small room with windows. Go to the window where you can see the street outside and if you look down a bit on the ledge you should be able to see a piece of cheese. Now to get out of the room, you can either blow the wall without windows on it and you will be in that ladies office or you can climb up that weird looking ladder back up to the begining of the level. This is a good way on tricking your apponent in counter operative mode and if you dont blow up the wall they cant get in to where you are without going all the way back to the begining and jumping down the pipe but you can wait half way up the ladder and they will jump all the way down the bottom and you can make a quick escape.

Faster Way:
On Area 51: Escape, at the very end, instead of finding a way out, you can go with Elvis. Once Elvis says, "Oh, no! We have a problem! It's a single seater!", run up to the consoles. Stand next to the console farthest away from the hangar doors. From that spot, stand as close to Jonathan and Elvis as you can. You should be able to hear them talking. After they're done, wait until the music changes. Once this happens, press the B Button on both of the consoles. The level should end. (Good way to get Invincibility, [Agent, 3:50 or less]).

Fun Multiplayer Setup:
Practice (w/o cheats); Fun (w/cheats)
1. Pheonix
2. CMP150
3. RCP-120
4. K7 Avenger
5. Shield
6. Laptop Gun
8 MeatSims
Team Score: 50
Humans vs. Simulants
Active Cheats:
Invincible (or Super Shield if you don't have Invincible)
Cloaking Device
Unlimited Ammo- Laptop Sentry Gun
Unlimited Ammo (w/No Reloads if you prefer)
Enemy Shields (just for fun!)
Pelagic II
Pelagic II X
CI Defense
CI Defense X
End Credits

Get the Double Phoenix:
To recieve a double phoenix on the last level, destroy the 3 special obelisks has normal and then destroy the other obelisks with your devaststator. After the area with the obelisks you will come to a large gap. The poenixs are right on the edge.

Get the Crossbow:
Knock out the first two guards on the 6th level to recieve a crossbow. Sometimes this cheat will not work and you will not recieve the keycard for the door when it doesn't.

Get a Laptop Gun:
Recieve a laptop gun and a double falcon 2 silenced on the first level, go outside the door of the computer programmer. Wait until he comes out and he will run off. Follow him but don't get to close or he will stop. He will unlock a door with the weapons inside.

Get a Bombspy:
On the 5th level search around until you have found a large dumpster and some barrels. Push the dumpster as near to the barrels as you can and then shoot the barrels. When the dumpster is destroyed you should find a bombspy inside it

Carrington will send you a message if you destroy all of the bottles in the basement on 'Hostage One'.

Light glitch:
Play the 1.3 intro from the cinema menu. The lights won't go out but joanna says "what the..?"

Levitating Elvis:
In 8.1 Attack Ship: Covert Assault, kill Elvis after he gives you his gun, and go into the elevator by all of the Skedars that are fighting the Maians. After the elevator takes you up, the other elevator will go up soon after. Then, in between the two elevators, you will see dead Elvis levitating.

Funny glitch:
With this glitch you have to start up any Combat Simulator level wich has a lift in it (either BASE or SEWERS). First start the level with at least one other human player (it's more fun with simulants aswell). Now go to a lift, stand on it and get the other human player to stand on your head then when the lift goes up you will to but when the lift goes down you wont, so you keep on going up and up and up. (HINT: put any type of grenade launcher, mine or rocket launcher and make sure you have full ammo before doing the glitch so you can shoot down on the level to kill the simulants.)

Transfer Pak Secrets
Get an N64 Perfect Dark game, a Transfer Pak, and a Game Boy Color Perfect Dark game. Plug the Transfer Pak into the back of your controller, put the GBC game in the Transfer Pak's slot, and turn the N64's power ON. You will now have the following cheats:

R-Tracker/Weapon Cache Locations (shows hidden weapons on radar with the R-Tracker activated)
All Guns (self-explanatory)
Cloaking Device (always have a Cloaking Device)
Hurricane Fists (rapid-fire punches)

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