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  D.I.R.T. Origin Of The Species [trainer +9]
In-game hotkeys:

*all options are toggles*

F1: Infinite Health
F2: Infinite Ammo
F3: One Hit Kill
F4: Infinite Special Power
F5: Infinite Ghost Mode
F6: Super Speed
F7: Super Jump
F8: Lot's of Skill points
F9: Enable Teleport System
O: Save Position
P: Restore Position


F1 - Infinite Health
This option will give you infinite health. Nothing special about
you won't die.

F2 - Infinite Ammo
Same stuff, just an easy option too give you infinite ammo.

F3 - One Hit Kill
This option will make the enemie die with just one shot.
It is really easy too kill those monsters now.

F4 - Infinite Special Power
This option will give you the ability to use your special power
anytime you want and how long you want.

F5 - Infinite Ghost Mode
Another simple option. THis will give you the ability too
play as long as you want as a ghost.

F6 - Super Speed
This option will make you run really fast. There is no way they can
catch you now.

F7 - Super Jump
This is a really cool option. This will make you jump incredible high.
You can jump easily over fences now.

F8 - Lot's of Skill points
This option will give 1.000.000 skill points. You can buy anything
you want now.

F9 - Enable Teleport System
Last but not least we present you a nice teleport system. When you
enable this option you will be given two more keys:

O: Save Position
This will save your current position.

P: Restore Position
This will make you teleport back too the last position you saved.

Install Notes:

1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Run the trainer from the desktop or place trainer in game dir.
3. You can choose to start the game first or you can press Run Game button
and follow the steps on the screen

Enjoy this trainer, stay tuned for more

/Team Unleashed

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