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  Spellforce 2 Shadow Wars 1.02 [trainer +3]
Spellforce 2 Shadow Wars 1.02 Trainer - Csimbi

Some background info - kinda "how I ended up making this trainer" (in case Jowood is interested to know why I think their strategy sucks big time)
Well, I was not willing to pay 50 euros for this game when it came out, so I bought it only now from a discount store for only 15euros (this is a price I am willing to accept). Then, I got sad when I realized that there is protection on the disc - I was hoping game makers would learn a lesson and stop forcing their loyal customers to look for cracks. One bad point top Jowood. Well, I guess they will never learn that their goal should be to stop copying the discs and not to piss off their customers. In any case, I downloaded a crack in about five minutes - I hope Jowood has paid a lot for the copy protection licenses.
Then, I started looking for cheats. This is a sad fact, but today's games mostly suck and after playing them through I often get that "what a waste of time" feeling. To encounter this, I usually play the game through with haste for the first time - using the built-in cheats - to see if its worth wasting the time on the game. When if comes to SF2, it seems that they disabled the "useful" console commands in the retail versions. What kind of dumb manufacturer does such a thing? I mean: this also encourages the customers to hack the game themselves (like me, LOL). Another one bad point to Jowood.
Then, I started looking into modding so I could give myself the extra benefit I need to push through this game quickly (for the same reason as cheating above). Well, there are two individuals on the Jowood forums who seems to enjoy playing God and "kindly" gave out a PAK file extractor. They stated that You can modify the files and they work without repacking - provided that You put them to the right directory.

Well, they don't, so You two can fuck off. Need proof? Extract sf2_base01.pak. Open up \basescript\gds\definitions\gdsdbexport.lua in a text editor. Search for "LevelXP" without the quotes. Edit the experience points needed to level up. Save. Copy the edited file to the right place. E.g. X:\SF2SW\base\script\gds\definitions\gdsdbexport.lua where X:\SF2SW is Your SF2 installation dir. Start a new game, and check it for Yourself - it does not work. So, another one bad point to Jowood.

As a last resorts, I started looking for a trainer (I do not like trainers because You never know what they do in reality and some of them install spyware), but I could not find any. This is quite weird because it was a highly anticipated game at the time.

So, Jowood has three bad points so far - they highly encourage me to crack and hack the game apart myself - , and I am here without working cheats or any other means to play this game the way I, the customer want it. My message to Jowood here: You should re-think those bad points...

So, let's start hacking then. I move my character around for a while gaining some levels, skill points, dig out some resources, spend them, gather money and spend it at a merchant, etc. In the meantime I use TSearch to find out how thing are going. It seems that none of the values are encrypted or anything, so it's easy to change them. I quite had enough of searching for memory locations, so I decide to make a trainer. Enable debugger in TSearch, SF2 crashed. WTF? They did not go into trouble into encrypting the values but they implementated anti-debug measures? Hmmm. Well, I use a different way to attach my debugger, works. I get the addresses in no time. Yet again I hope that Jowood spent serious amounts of resources to implement those anti-debug measures that I came around in one minute. In any case, You can find the instructions and addresses I have found later on in this readme - in case You want to make Your own trainer.

So, I fire up TMK, throw a few labels and buttons there, NOP those instructions at the right addresses, and the trainer is done.

1.02 Patch - this is easy to get, just go to the Jowood web site, or use mirror sites.
Nerva's 1.02 crack - just visit the usual crack stores. If You don't know any, check the MegaGames web site.

The trainer options:
"Free building"
This will freeze the resources whenever You build something (units, buildings).
NOTE: When You are not building, switch it off as it might affect the AI player as well (dunno how to train only for the human player) and You might have hard time repelling all those enemy forces that are a consequence of unlimited resources on the enemy's side...
Code: sub [eax+10],ecx (29 48 10), address: 00924d19

"Free purchase"
This will freeze the amount of gold when You buy something at a merchant.
Code: mov [ecx],eax (89 01), address: 00602b4c

"Freeze skill points"
This will freeze the amount of available skill points when You assign them.
Code: sub [ecx+12],ax (66 29 41 12), address: 005ff725

I know that the UI is dumb and the hotkeys might not be good for everyone, but all info is there to make Your own trainer in TMK...

Csimbi, 03 Dec 2006

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