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  WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 [PSX]
Diva loading screens
Win the No Mercy trophy to unlock the Diva loading screens for purchase at the WWE Shop.

DX tag entrance
Win the Vengeance trophy to unlock the DX tag entrance for purchase at the WWE Shop.

Easy GM Of The Year trophy
Start GM mode with two players. Enable the option that allows you to preset the matches automatically, then go to the schedule and confirm the match card. Do the same for the other show. When you are about to do the matches, just simulate all of them. You will then see the news. After that all the matches will automatically be set. Simulate all of them again. Note: You do not need a full roster to do it, because this is being done only for getting the point. Only hire about seven people for three months so your do not waste a lot of money. Continue doing this until the end of the year. At the end Vince will fire the loser and you will get the GM Of The Year trophy.

When selecting your brand in GM mode (SmackDown or RAW), press Square to chose who you will be able to pick. Set off all the good people (popularity 80 or higher) then choose your brand . Then, go to the "Roster" option on menu and put them back on and select them. The fans should now start pouring in.

Easy money
Start Season mode with any wrestler. When in the locker room, press Circle to go to the menu with the limos scene and the "Begin Week", "Difficulty", "Locker Room", etc. options. Change the difficulty to "Legend", select "Begin Week", but do not start the match. Go all the way to the right to where it reads "Multiplayer". You will now see a screen that allows you to add the slots with empty controllers. Insert another controller and you will have a player controlled CPU wrestler. After finishing here, the match should automatically start. Just clothesline and pin and you will win in under ten seconds.

Easy Money In The Bank trophy
Take the ladders to the entrance where the superstars come out. Wait with them there until the five other wrestlers come up. Attack them with one, then bring it down to the ring and get the briefcase. If you get knocked off by a superstar, repeat it until you win the match.

To get the case you must set up one ladder under it. Next, take the other ladder and set it up like you would to clothesline someone off the other ladder. Then, run up the slanted one. Once at the top instead of clotheslining, use the Analog-sticks as if you are grabbing the case (press them Up). Once you have the case the ladders will be down. Usually they will only set the ladders up and fight it out at the top of them.

Easy No Way Out trophy
In order to win the No Way Out trophy you must win the Royal Rumble in order to go to No Way Out. Do not challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship if you are on SmackDown at the start of the season or you will not enter the Royal Rumble (even if you lose the title at The Rumble), unless you can lose it by Survivor Series. To get the extra $100,000 to spend on items, you must win the Royal Rumble. You will then begin a story line where JBL has a bounty on you for $100,000 to get your #1 contendership at WrestleMania. You will then challenge JBL to a Steel Cage match that puts your #1 contendership on the line if he puts his $100,000 bounty on the line. Booker T will also challenge for it. Ignore his challenge and face JBL in a Steel Cage match. If you win, you will get $100,000 to spend in the locker room and the No Way Out trophy.

Extra GM mode options
Win the GM Of The Year trophy to unlock additional GM mode options.

Hidden shovel in parking lot brawl
There is a shovel that you can get in the parking lot. Make sure the back of the trash truck is open. Go by it and press the button to pick up a weapon when near to get a shovel.

Infinite CAW experience points
Win the GM Of The Year trophy to get unlimited created wrestler experience points.

Money In The Bank song
Go to Exhibition mode and start a Money In The Bank match. You will eventually hear the Money In The Bank song by LiL Scrappy and Young Buck.

More time in Season mode
Use the following trick to get five to six months out of Season mode. Play on RAW as anybody except Viscera or Kurt Angle. You might be able to use a created superstar. On your first week, Jonathan Coachman will tell you that if you win the next four matches, you will get a title shot. In the storyline, "Taking On The Show", join Big Show as an alliance and win your next four matches. Jonathan Coachman will ask you for a title shot. Answer "No". Then, four weeks away from WrestleMania, you will be in the storyline, "Cleaning Up RAW".

Preset entrances
Superstar 01: British Bulldog
Superstar 02: Hollywood Hulk Hogan (nWo)
Superstar 03: The Hurricane
Superstar 04: Doug Basham
Superstar 05: Danny Basham
Superstar 06: Ted DiBiasi
Superstar 07: Scotty 2 Hotty
Superstar 08: Muhammad Hassan
Superstar 09: Andre The Giant
Superstar 10: Jimmy Hart
Superstar 11: Paul London/Brian Kendrick
Superstar 12: Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Superstar 13: Brock Lesnar
Superstar 14: Stacey Keibler
Superstar 15: Christy Hemme
Superstar 16: Eugene
Superstar 17: Chris Jericho
Superstar 18: Christian
Superstar 19: Orlando Jordan

Bid Now!

Preset movesets
Moveset 1: Eugene
Moveset 2: Sylvan or Dupree
Moveset 3: Charlie Haas
Moveset 4: Brian Kendrick or London
Moveset 5: Hurricane
Moveset 6: Orlando Jordan
Moveset 7: Taijri
Moveset 8: Chris Jericho
Moveset 9: Rhyno
Moveset 10: Dreamer
Moveset 11: Bubba Ray Dudley
Moveset 12: D-Von Dudley
Moveset 13: Spike Dudley
Moveset 14: Jeff Hardy
Moveset 15: Christian
Moveset 16: AJ Styles
Moveset 17: Goldberg
Moveset 18: Scott Stiener
Moveset 19: Sting
Moveset 20: X-Pac
Moveset 21: Kevin Nash
Moveset 22: Double Axe Handle from Turnbuckle
Moveset 23: British Bulldog or Animal
Moveset 24: Hawk
Moveset 25: Ultimate Warrior

SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 Tester challenge
Successfully complete all fifteen Superstar and fifteen Legend challenges to unlock the SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 Tester challenge.

Unlock Jeff Hardy
On the main menu of the game, go to options and click on "cheats". Then, hold L2 and R2 and press Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square.

Walk in crowd
Select Two Player mode and no count outs. When you get your opponent on the announcer table, press L1 (when you have a finisher). You smash will them through it. Then, use controller two. When you stand up, walk towards the crowd immediately as you get up and you should be able to walk around in the crowd.

World Heavyweight Title in Exhibition mode
Win the Royal Rumble, defeat JBL at No Way Out, and defeat the Undertaker and Kane at WrestleMania to unlock the World Heavyweight Title in Exhibition mode.

WWE Championship in Exhibition mode
To unlock the WWE Championship in Exhibition mode, you must have the title until after Unforgiven. If you are a SmackDown superstar and have the World Heavyweight Title, after WrestleMania or slightly after the Royal Rumble, Teddy Long will trade you to RAW. Your World Heavyweight Title will then change into the WWE Championship.

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