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  FIFA 07 [unlocker]

Unpack the included rar file into your \Documents and Settings\
your_profile_name\Documents\FIFA 07\ directory, accept to overwrite
if/when asked.

Notice, that if you haven't played the game yet, then there will be no
"A. Profiles" directory. Of course if you play in another language, then
your directory will be called A. Profiles, Where "Profiles" is in the
language of your choice.

This Unlocker will give you access to all 102 FIFA 07 challenges, all 72
unlockable items like Extras, Footballs, 3rd Kits, Creation Central,
Practice Stadiums, Season Highlights, 2 bonus hidden items and finally
gives you 99.999.999 in points.

Remember to choose our profile called Unleashed, if it does not automatic
find it or if you want to reload it.

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