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  Oddworld Stranger's Wrath [Xbox]
Cheat Mode
Press X, X, Y, Y, B, B, A, A on controller two to enable cheat mode.

Enable "Cheat mode" first. Click Left Analog-stick twice, Right Analog-stick twice, Left Analog-stick twice and Right Analog-stick twice.

Infinite Cash
After you collect all of your first bounties, and you're moseying on to the next town, bash some villagers! They spew money! Keep doing this as much as you want, and reap the rewards. Just donít piss them off too much, especially in New Yolk City. They'll go inside until you settle yourself down.

Enable "Cheat mode" first. Press X, Y, A, B, X, Y.

Invisible Stranger
Enable the "Invincibility" code. Find any area that has a trap that you need the Zappfly to activate (such as a boulder or box.). Stand underneath the boulder enough so that you can still shoot the target. You must be in first person view hrough all of this. Let the boulder or box land on you, which normally crushes you. After the boulder or box lifts itself up, walk away and get out of first person view. You should not be able see yourself, but are still there. Note: After you have one this, you will not be able to move without attacking or being in first person view. Do not save the game after doing this.

Level Select
If you want to select your level, start a new game and enter the following Player Name: (c)@(r)&. That is: copyright symbol, followed by @, followed by Registered Trademark Symbol, followed by &.

Mongrel Valley: Black Market store
Enter New Yolk City and talk to one of the townsfolk. Climb the rope that you are told about and jump to the nearby ledge. Follow the ledge all the way around the buildings until you reach a set of swinging doors. Enter it to access a hidden Black arket store, where you can buy upgrades to your weapons and attributes.

Secret Grubb Statue
When you complete the Eugene Ius bounty you will end up in a Grubb village. Proceed into the village by jumping across the rooftops. Turn right and keep going forward and you see a break to the right, leading to a little maze like area. Turn right and there will be a small fork path, go left and you will be right next to a rope. Climb it and jump on to the roof. You can see another rope that you have to jump onto. When you jump on it you can see a boarded up window. Break it by shooting it or meleeing it. When you enter the room there is a shiny Grubb statue. Its worth a bit of moolah.

Sekto Tactics
To beat Sekto,you should be carrying a full ammo clip for each type of ammo that causes heavy damage. First, you need to run around and wait till a part of the roof falls downand when it does run behind it.

From the side shoot the 2 launchers at both sides of his machine with heavy ammo (if you run out there are some crates behind youto fill up your ammo). Repeat these steps until the lights at both sides of the machine go out.

The between melee
Between the loading of ammo clips you can perform melee's. To do this press respective trigger. EX: if the left side of the bow loading another clip the press the left trigger. If the right side of the bow loading another clip the press the right trigger. This can prove very usefull in saving your rear.

Black Market
After you beat X'Plosives turn him in but donít get another bounty. Go outside and talk to townsfolk. You will ask them where X'Plosives got all his weapons. On the side of the road there will be a female clakker. If you talk to here she will give you the password to the black market. The market is located up the street from the Bounty Store. In the market you can buy Wasps, Bola Blasts, a Regen Upgrade, Stamina Upgrade, and Steel Knuckles.

Defeating Elboze Freely
Stand on the air chutes so you keep bouncing up and down. Have the Zappfly equipped. Whenever Elboze tries to attack you, he will not be able to because he cannot go through the air chute. Whenever he gets close and you are up above,
shoot the Zappfly to his tender spot on the back. You can wear down his energy until he is knocked out.

Defeating Secto
In order to defeat Secto, you must go through two of his spider pets. Shoot them with Sting Bees and Bombats. If they get too close, hit them with Riot Slugs until they disappear and run away. If they catch you in their whirlwind attack, just aim and shoot until they run away. After you defeat them, you must fight Secto. When fighting him, hide behind the big rocks until he shoots you with his giant laser. After the rock breaks, shoot one of the two power generators at the bottom of him. They have blinking lights on them. Shoot them until one of the blinking lights gets broken off, then run and find another rock to hide behind. You must do this about ten times. If you need more ammunition, there is plenty around. Just wait until after he breaks your rock, get some, then hide again. After you destroy all of the blinking lights on his power generators, he will die.

Don't let'em rot
The trick bagging bosses alive is. Below the heatlh bar is a blue bar. You need to get the blue really low to do this go on a consent attack. Once the bar has about 1/8 left in it. Start doing stranger's melee attacks bye pressing either the L or R buttons in thrid person view to nock the boss to the ground. Then quickly bounty him to get the better cash prize of bounting the boss alive.

Easily Kill Packrat Palooka
Before you enter battle with packrat, stack up on thudsluggs and boom bats; it also helps to have the medium ammo bag. To easily take-out Packrat Palooka, first start by hitting the four generator switches to turn off the generator. Then quickly switch to thudslugg and boombat ammo. Send a boombat onto packrat on top of his platform. Watch it explode to see if he falls off. If he doesn't, repeat the steps. As soon as he's knocked off, shoot a thudslugg at him to knock him away from the stage, and then proceed with a boombat to knock him further back. Repeat again with the thudslugg and boombat, and knock him further away from his platform. If done correctly, you can knock packrat unconscious with about 9 thudsluggs and 9 boombats without ever being hit with a missile or dealing with his friends.

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