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  Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge [unlocker]
Install Notes:

We have included two solutions. one for those who want to keep their old
game settings, like graphic/sound setup, choose -= Easy Solution 2 =- and
one for those who claims/think notepad is too advanced for them, choose
-= Easy Solution 1 =-.

Pick an option for your brain skill:

-= Easy Solution 1 =-

Unpack the included rar file into your Desperados 2 directory, accept
to overwrite if asked.

-= Advanced Solution =-

Locate settings.xml, which is stored inside /data/configuration/game/ and
open it with notepad. Search for MISC_CURENT_MISSION" value="0" and change
the "0" to "10". Now search for "MISC_OUTRO" value="0" and change the "0"
to "1" and you're done.

This will give you access to all missions/submissions and the Outro movie

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