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  Heroes of Might and Magic 5 [normal->CE + all access]
Heroes of Might and Magic 5.
Normal to Collectors Edition Patch, 10000 Creatures, & All Access Cheat.

This release contains the following:

1. Normal to Collectors Edition Update

- 4 Extra Single Player Missions
- 1 Extra Artifact Available in Single Player Missions

2. Campaign Cheat

- Every Hero starts with an amount of 10.000 of every Creature in
his or her army.

3. All Campaigns and Sub Missions accessible.

How to use:

1. Unrar 4f-homm5.rar into your installation directory.
This enables the Normal to Collectors Edition Update and Campaign Cheat.
If you don't want to use the Campaign Cheat, delete/don't extract:

2. Copy the "Heroes of Might and Magic V" directory to

[Systemdrive]:\[Documents and Settings]\[Username]\[Local Settings]

and overwrite if asked for. You might want to take a backup of the
directory already there before doing this.

3. Start Heroes of Might and Magic 5 and choose Profile "Dagobert"
to get access to all campaign missions.

4. In single Player menu scenario you will have 4 more scenarios now
avaiable. Have fun playing them.

5. A little note:

The data\Maps\Scenario\C*M* are the subfolders of the Campaign missions.
You can edit them as much as you like

- amount of creatures of enemy heroes
- experience of heroes
- starting ressources

and much more...

BUT! in some campaign missions you need to loose a battle, i.e. c5m3
to get new mission goals and time, so feel free to try.

If you like this game go buy it like I did. It's a game worth the $$$ you will
spend for it.

Have fun!!!

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