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  Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter [trainer +4]
In-game Hotkeys:

NUMPAD 1: Infinite Health
NUMPAD 2: Infinite Ammo
NUMPAD 3: Super Speed
NUMPAD 4: Health Boost Ammo
NUMPAD 0: In-game Menu

Infinite Health: After activating the option you need to open either the
menu (ESC) or the map (TAB) then return to the game to
update the pointers. If you ever lose any health for
some reason you can switch to the menu or the map and
back in again to update new pointers and restore your

Infinite Ammo: If you see your weapon's ammo decreasing, re-select the
weapon (select another one and select the old one again)
to update the pointers.

Health Boost Ammo: With this option activated each time you fire a bullet
at your ally their health will be set to a very high
value, probably enough for them to survive heavy
damage throughout the mission. This can also be used
to heal your allies when they're dying.
*IMPORTANT*: Although I have installed extra checks to
make sure the enemies are not affected, for some odd
reason some enemies have identical struct to your
allies, so it's best to only enable this option,
boost your allies' health and then disable it.

* You might need to re-enable the options after Loading/New Level/etc.

* All options can be toggled on/off by the same hotkey (hint: listen to
the beep sound).

* For the ingame menu to work you have to run the trainer BEFORE the game
and keep it running while the game is still running.

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