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  Championship Manager 00/01 [cheats&hints updated]
Enter "fishbate" as your name to get 100.000.000 money.

Enter "moneygrabber" as your first name and "extramoney" as your second name to
get unlimited money

To become the England manager from the beginning all you need to do is click on any club in England, then click on a player who is English. When his stats screen comes up click on his nationality (obviously English) then you will be taken to the England team. You are then able to select Take Control.

At the start of the season Kenny Miller of Rangers is always on loan and if you sign him on loan for any club and bring him on at exactly 70 minutes he will score a goal. If you select one of your strikers to man mark the oppositions goalkeeper he will normally score a hat trick every game and your team are guaranteed to win more or less every game.

If just before your up and coming match RETIRE from your Club (eg. . . Leeds), then take control of your opposing team (eg. . . Liverpool) Release all there players then RETIRE again and go back to your excisting Club. Then you will have a Gauarranted WIN.

To buy a player for free- All you have to do is to place a bid for the player you want to buy.It doesnt matter if your bid is over the amount of money you have, just place it anyway. When the bid is accepted go to TRANSFER then click change bid, now change the bid 0. When you offer him a contract you then have to give him all the wages possible- that is the only darwback!

Buy Tony Scotch, Scott Minkon and Berfa Richards, great players that will become very valuable, very quickly.

There are two players you must sign! Mass Sarr and Calaio. Mass is on the free transfer list and Calaio plays for Torino. Put Calaio in intense training for shooting,skills and tatics and he will be fantastic. Also, at the start of the first season sign: Martin Palermo, Edmundo and Sarr and change your formation to a 4-3-3 and play all free up front! I did and I won the Premership, Champions League cup and the FA Cup all in the same season!! Sign Coventrys young keeper Kirkland and train him up and he'll be fantasic!

Buy Carl Laurie and B.Bubb, The best player in the game is Javier Saviola. He plays for River PLate and is only 18, he is the best player in the game!

To win most games get youre strikers to man mark the goalkeeper...the best players to do this with are Saviola, Palermo anf Preciado...Saviola is incredible and the best player in the game and scored 8 goals in one match for me.

Sign Robson Ponte who plays for leverkussen (sorry I can't spell!) in Germany. Search for him if you don't understand what team I said. Try and sign Bixente Lizarzu from Bayern Munich as he's the best left-back in the world.

sign these players.They are fantastic: Cosmin Contra (DR), Mark Tyler (GK), Kennedy Bakircioglu (FC), Patrick Weiser (DL). Kennedy Bakircioglu scored 6 goals for me against Lazio when i was managing west ham!

A good player is Ronaldinho. He worth 5m, his contract ends after the first season at Brazilian Gremio and he will be worth 17m!

For Arsenal, buy Gianni Comandini for 5m when he becomes unhappy. Also buy Rodrigo from Real Madrid (he is on loan at the start of the season) for 10m - 14m. Play them up front with Thierry Henry, and Comandini will score masses of goals!!! Play Rodrigo on the left, Comandini in the middle and Henry on the right of three up front with an attacking midfielder (Graham Barrett seems to work well)

All of the players I have mentioned are young at the start of the game and all turn out to be world-beaters on a consistant basis. Lucas Castroman is a bit dirty, but is by far the best right wingback in the game. Juan Pablo Sorin is the best left wingback. Philippe(I think thats spelt right!) Christanval and Estica are a couple of quality centre backs. Hugo Viana (Free Transfer) and Gaetano D'Agostino are superb prospects for the future in the (left-footed) attacking midfielder role - as long as you train them well. Geovanni is one of the best value-for-money attacking midfielders in the game - try and get him just before there are 6 months left to run on his contract and you will get him cheap. That applies for any other player by the way. Andri Sigtorsson (KR) is still excellent value-for-money. Ronaldinho(Gremio) is THE best midfielder in the game and will simply urinate on any defence in the world - but it is hard to get him without paying quite a lot of money. He is DEFINITELY worth it though. The two best young attackers in the game have to be Calaio(Torino) and Konstantinou (?). Buy this team and you will be smiling all the way to the European Cup.

Sign Jardel and put him up front with Romeo Beckford together in one match for me the pair scored 16 goals (cwbrann town uefa cup 1st round leg 2).

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