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  Blair Witch Volume 2: Coffin Rock 1886 [cheats]
During gameplay, press F10 and type any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect

godgames God Mode

winblows All Weapons and Ammo

autoaim Auto aiming of weapon(s)

skeletonkey Gives Skeleton Key

moreammo Gives More Ammo

goremode Toggles Gratuitous Dismemberment

buringstake Gives Flaming Tip Arrows

thunderstorm Rains Outside

snowstorm Snows Outside

bighead Big Head Mode

healme Restores Health

silver Gives 500 Silver Bullets

aqua Gives 500 Aqua Vampire Bullets

mercury Gives 500 Mercury Bullets

oldhat Stranger Wears Alternate Hat

goldmode Tells you "buy FLY!"

freezer Toggles Enemy Freezing

ifarted Gas Mask for Stranger

bigboom ???

recharge Renew Battery

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