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  Ford Street Racing [unlocker]
A SavedGame giving you access to all of the areas of the game.

All 18 Cars

All 24 Tracks (really 12, but each has a Forward mode & a Reverse mode

All 32 Challenges of Team Racing Mode

All 6 Championships of Solo Racing Mode

Grants you 840,042 in money (to buy cars for use in the Championships)


1. Always make a backup copy of your game file(s) first:
"[SaveDir]\Ford Street Racing\autosave\FSRacing"

a) Windows 9x kernel (98/ME):
"[SaveDir]" is usually your installed directory (the one with 'fsr.exe')
b) Windows NT kernel (NT/2K/XP):
"[SaveDir]" is usually in
"C:\Documents and Settings\[username>]\Application Data"

2. UnRAR the archive to your "[SaveDir]" directory,
overwriting any existing files.
Always unRAR with full paths!

If you have trouble, make your own profile in the game. Then, search your
drives for the following to find the correct location for extraction:

3. Play with the profile "TNT"

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