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  Galactic Civilizations 2 - all races cheats mod

BACKUP YOUR DATA FOLDER SO YOU CAN UNINSTALL THE MOD!! Make a copy of it and paste it into a backup folder. Its the "Data" folder in your main Galactic Civilizations 2 folder. Then: extract folder from zip and paste the Data folder from zip into your Galciv 2 main folder. The files should overwrite the defualt ones. What this mod does:

1. Gives practically unlimited ability points to spend during Race creation or Race choosing(any race) when you start a new game. On the abilities tab Under "Courage" choose "brave" and BAM you get lots of ability points. Enough to choose the maximum in all catagories. Simply choose the MAX for the other abilities :)


To uninstall copy and paste the backup data folder you created before you installed the mod.


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