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  Deer Hunter 4 [cheats updated]
Bring it in

In the HuntView, press [F2]. A command window will appear at the top of the screen.

Type in ''dh4find'' then press enter. Now press [F2] to get back to the game. The nearest deer to you should now come towards you.

Bucks are world Record Size

Strike (F2) Then Type "Monster"

Deer find hunter irresitible

Strike (F2) Then Type "Beacon"

Deer Show up on Map

Strike (F2) Then Type "ShowMe"

Deer Unafraid

Strike (F2) Then Type "Nofear"

Sights In your Sporting arm

Strike (F2) Then Type "Sightin"

Dh4super - turn on all cheats
Dh4find - find deer
Dh4showme - show deer on map
Dh4beacon - make deer come to you
Dh4racers - show bullet path
Dh4nofear - animals do not fear you
Dh4leadeye - bulletcam
Dh4monster - giant deer
Dh4f13 - massive amounts of blood
Dh4skyhook - Flying mode

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