Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Gamino v2.0 [trainer +4]
Unzip/Unrar trainer into your game directory, then start trainer
with "pztrain.exe", and finally start the game. During gameplay
toggle trainer options by pressing the following key combinations:

E Infinite Energy in Time Mode
T Infinite Time in RockStory Memory *
Q Quick Rounds *
U Unlock Everything *
END Back to Normal

* RockStory Memory is a hidden game that can be activated once all
puzzles are completed. Use Gamino.v2.0.ALL.ACCESS.CHEAT-PiZZA to
unlock the game, and hit F2 while playing either Arcade or Timed,
to activate the game once unlocked.

* Quick rounds will give you a full energy bar the next time you get
some points in the game. To advance to the next level, simply
complete a hexagon domino chain.

* Unlocks all Puzzles and Tips after the first game played with
this option enabled

/Team PiZZA

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