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  Earthworm Jim 2 [cheats]
Earthworm Jim 2 Cheat Codes
To activate a cheat, pause (P) the game and enter its corresponding code below.

Cheat Codes
Invincibility LUEHMANN (or HAVNELUDER)
Refill energy BOOSTER (or LUEHMANN)
View end sequence JUST CUT TO THE END
Extra life GIMME JIM (or I AM A LOOSER)

Earthworm Jim 2 Level Select
To play a particular level, pause the game and enter the corresponding code below.

Level Code
1: Anything but Tangerines FRUIT
2: Puppy Love DUBLIN
3: Flyin' Kin HOFFMAN
4: Cow Abduction ABROWN
5: Inflated Head SHINY SHOES
6: Hammerhead MORTIFICATOR
7: Blind Sally QUIZ SHOW
8: ISO 9000 BLUE
9: Door Chase MORRISON
10: Level Ate CARLOSR
11: Flamin' Yawn GOMBA
12: See Jim Run CHASE

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