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  Shrek SuperSlam [unlocker]
A SavedGame giving you access to all of the areas of the game.

Unlocks (for Single Player Mode):

All 8 Chapters of Story Mode

All 3 Lessons of Training Mode

All 45 Areas of "Mega Challenge" Mode
(Some Areas have 3 or 5 Sub-Challenges, all are unlocked of course)

All 20 Characters of Melee & "Mega Challenge" Modes

All 16 Arenas of Melee Mode

Access to Pizza Challenge Mode (hihi, you are too late!)

All 3 Games of Pizza Challenge Mode (hihi again, yes we're still here)

Unlocks (for Multiplayer Mode):

All 20 Characters of Melee, "King of the Hill", & Slammaggedon Modes

All 16 Arenas of Melee & Slammaggedon Mode

Access to Slammaggedon Mode

1. Always make a backup copy of your game file(s) first:

2. UnRAR the archive to your game directory, overwriting any existing files.
Always unRAR with full paths!

3. Now for the tricky part.

If you are savvy with computers, just rename the
"TNT Rules!-ShrekSuperSlam.sav" file in data\Saves\ to:
"[Your Windows Username]-ShrekSuperSlam.sav"

For more details, read below.

a) Your save game filename is based on the name of your currently logged in
"Windows User".
It is suggested to run the game once and answer YES to setup Auto-Save.
This will create a saved game file for you. Quit the game.

b) Go to your saved game directory, data\Saves\ , which is a sub-directory
of the location that you installed the game to.

c) Example:

My Windows User name is "TECHNiC Sucks Stupid Thieves".

My savegame Filename for this game will be as follows:

"TECHNiC Sucks Stupid Thieves-ShrekSuperSlam.sav"

Which is actually pretty neat, since it allows multiple users on the
computer to each get their own saved games. However, it is annoying for
making unlockers.

d) You will need to backup & delete your own saved game file (or just move
it to a backup directory or Rename it).

Next, RENAME our unlocker, "TNT Rules!-ShrekSuperSlam.sav" , to whatever
your own saved filename was above.

As per the example above in Point C, we would rename the unlocker file,
"TNT Rules!-ShrekSuperSlam.sav" , to what the game expects to find,
which is for our example:

"TECHNiC Sucks Stupid Thieves-ShrekSuperSlam.sav"

4. Start the game, and it will automatically load our TNT Saved Game.

5. Play.

Little Red Riding Hood is super sexy!

Be sure to check her out, especially at the Character Selection Screen! ;)

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