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  F.E.A.R. [trainer +7]
Below is a table of all the keys used in this demo, next
to the key combination you have to press is the feature
that it will activate.

In the next section you will find a listing of what the
features actually do within the game, for those not
familiar with key combinations we will give you a quick
explanation of the notation we use.

for example..

SHIFT + 0 will activate the menu screen within the game,
this means that while you are in the game you must press
the SHIFT KEY along with the 0 (ZERO) KEY to activate the
ingame features status menu.

key combination Feature
--------------- -------

SHIFT + 0 --------> Main Status Menu

SHIFT + 1 --------> Infinite Health
SHIFT + 3 --------> Invisibility
SHIFT + 4 --------> Super Zoom
SHIFT + 5 --------> No Recoil
SHIFT + 6 --------> Disintegrate Death
SHIFT + 7 --------> Infinite Ammo

b. Features


Each feature has an ON and OFF which you toggle with the same key combinations

1) INFINITE HEALTH - Health will never decrease.
2) INVISIBILITY - Enemies cannot detect your presence.
3) SUPER ZOOM - All weapons now zoom at 100x the norm.
4) NO RECOIL - No more shaking from your guns.
5) DISINTEGRATE DEATH - Turn enemies to skeletons every time.
6) INFINITE AMMO - Ammo will never decrease.

NOTE!! Some options require you to start a new level or game for them to be
turned off completely.

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