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  Dungeon Siege II v2.20 (Eng+Chinese) [trainer +8]
1. release files with winrar 3.x.

2. run trainer, run game.

3. in game Press F2 ... Infinite Health
F3 ... Infinite Mana
F4 ... Infinite Golds
F5 ... Infinite Skill Points *
F6 ... One Hit Kill
F7 ... Super Fast Level Up *
F8 ... Extra Attributes *
F9 ... Unlimite Party Member *
F10 .. Back To Normal

Press the "End Button" on the trainer to quit.

This trainer supports 2 languages of DS2, they are:

- English
- Chinese (CHT/CHS)

This trainer only support DS2 with v2.20 patch. If
you didn't update your game yet, please do not use
this trainer. Otherwise your game will crash. This
v2.2 trainer will be our last update for DS2 , Plz
do not send us email for trainer request anymore.

By vX@aSx

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