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  Cabela's Big Game Hunter: 2006 Season [trainer +2]
A Trainer to Hack the game's memory which allows cheating.

As always, TNT Trainers work ('should work') on all Operating Systems supported
by the game itself. Others should follow suit or risk being propered. Enjoy.

##. HotKey Effect
--- ------ ------
01 __ Cash Boost (Grants 100,000 Credit)
02 __ Stats Boost (100 to each)

No HotKeys for this Trainer; just Alt-Tab out of the Game to enable any Effects
that you wish.

Option #02 NOTE:
Each of the 5 Stats can be individually boosted as you wish, or you can
Toggle boosting of all the Stats at once. The game will keep the "boost"
even after the Trainer is closed.

General NOTES:
Trainer Options can be Toggled anywhere in the game, but only after you have
Loaded or Created a Profile. They will work at the Main Menu and in the
various Game Modes (such as Career or Quick Hunt).

Both the Cash Boost & Stats Boost will get SAVED to your profile, but ONLY if
you find a place to save your game. The Lodge in Career Mode is the best
place to save we think, because a Save option is available on the Menu.
Also, when quiting the game from certain Modes, it may ask if you wish to
Save the profile.

1. UnRAR the archive to your game directory, overwriting any existing files.
Always unRAR with full paths!

2. You may either start the Trainer first or start the Game first. Both
methods will work fine.

3. With the game running, hit Alt-Tab to get to Windows, which will Pause the

4. Enable any of the Effects that you wish to use and then return to the game.

NOTE: all options are usually OFF by default, upon launching the Trainer.

You can check that the Options took effect using the Status Tab of the PDA
(default key = F).

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