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  Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines [cheats]
Cheat Codes (case insensitive):

-NoBackfaceCull: [Unknown Effect]

-Language: Change the game Menus and Text to a different Language.
Requires one of these: Spanish French Italian German
Example: -Language:Spanish

-NoGui Disable the Graphical User Interface
(also turns off the HUD Display of your Health/Enduance)

-PlayBack: [Unknown Effect]

-ExperienceScreen [Unknown Effect]

-skipComic Skips the Comic-style Introductions before a Mission

-MovePlyXYZ: [Unknown Effect]

-FreeCamXYZ: [Unknown Effect]

-AllWeapons [Unknown Effect]
(no it does not seem to give you every weapon. blah!)

-infiniteammo Unlimited Ammo
After shooting all of the bullets in your current Clip,
you receive FREE & UNLIMITED clip reloads.
However, we found a problem whereby picking up a Clip
caused the ammo to be become limited again. (beware)

-survivalmovement [Unknown Effect]

-noDamage Your player takes no Damage (God Mode)

-WinEndGame [Unknown Effect]

-longJohns [Unknown Effect]

-noCold [Unknown Effect]

-NoSound [Unknown Effect]

-NoMusic Disable In-game Music

-Sensitivity: [Unknown Effect]

-ForceTerrainMesh [Unknown Effect]

-noshadows [Unknown Effect]
(It does not turn off Shadows though!)

-fpuex Enable Floating Point Unit extentions for your CPU?

-Health: Set current Health aka Hit Points
(With the Level 4 Fitness Skill, 200 seems to be the
Maximum Health you can have)
Example: -Health:100

* NOTE: the following 9 Skill Cheats require a Number to take effect.
(1, 2, 3, or 4)
The default key for your Inventory is TAB.
Hitting F1 (by default) when inside the Inventory
Screen will show your current Skill Levels.
Example: -FitnessSkill:4

-FitnessSkill: Set Fitness Skill Level

-FirstAidSkill: Set FirstAid Skill Level

-StrengthSkill: Set Strength Skill Level

-EnduranceSkill: Set Endurance Skill Level

-SneakSkill: Set Sneak Skill Level

-StealthKillSkill: Set StealthKill Skill Level

-MachineGunSkill: Set MachineGun Skill Level

-RifleSkill: Set Rifle Skill Level

-PistolSkill: Set Pistol Skill Level

-WeatherPhase: [Unknown Effect]

-OCull [Unknown Effect]

-NoShadowVolumes [Unknown Effect]

-WhiteLight [Unknown Effect]

-SWVP SoftWare-based Vertex Processing (slower, but more
compatible with many graphics cards)

-InvunerableAI Enemies will be Invulnerable/Invincible

-InvertCrosshair Invert the Y-Axis for Aiming/Looking
(up is down, down is up)

-NoSoldiers Enemies Soldiers will cease to Exist. There will be
Weapons left behind where the Soldiers would have
been. And you can pick up any of those Weapons to keep
for yourself.

-NoPerception Enemies have no Perception of you. You are ignored
as if your were invisible.

-NoAI Remove all AI Characters from the Game World.
Basically, this gets rid of all the people in the game
(both civilians and soldiers)

-NoAIHits [Unknown Effect]
(Both you and the enemies can still be HIT and still
take damage)

-NoCD No Effect (seems like this should disable the CD Check,
but it does not).
So, you will still need the Proper Working NoDVD Crack
by yours truly, TNT.
got it yet? no?
The one and only, the original, the best there is, ...
yep you guessed it:

-SkipGUI Tries to stop the Graphical User Interface from loading
(it ends up stopping the game from Launching)

-DisableArchive [Unknown Effect]
Example: -DisableArchive FileName.EXT

-Grid: [Unknown Effect]
Example -Grid: 30,40

-Res: Screen Resolution
Requires: Width,Height

-Control: [Unknown Effect]

-Chapter: [Unknown Effect]
(If used with -Part:, it seems like it is trying to
load a specific Chapter, Part #X)
Example: -Chapter:4 -Part:2

Check the files in "UIEnglish"
LS_C4P2.TIF for example would be Part 2 (Mission #2) of
Chapter #4. Good luck finding a use for this one!

-Part: [Unknown Effect]
(See above)

-Detail:High Set High Detailed Graphics

-Detail:Medium Set Medium Detailed Graphics

-Detail:Low Set Low Detailed Graphics

-16bit 16bit Graphics Mode (instead of the Default 32bit Mode)

-OldControls [Unknown Effect]

-MouseLook: Toggle Mouse Look
This option is on by Default when you run the game's
Launcher. However, it will be OFF by Default when you
directly run the game executable BEL.exe, as you will
do to use these Cheats.
So, it is a good idea to Turn this ON.
Requires: #,#
(do not know what these 2 Numbers are for, but the
DEFAULT values are 20,30)
Example: -MouseLook:20,30

-Mouse: [Unknown Effect]

-Antialias Enable Anti-Alias graphics processing?

-SoundSW Software Sound Mode (instead of Hardware Accelerated
Sound in case of problems)

-LowRes Low Resolution Graphics

-Windowed Windowed Graphics Mode
(this is neat because it seems there was no other way
to enable this in either the Launcher or Game Options)

-LoadAllLevels Upon Launching the game, it will Load each Level in the
game, one after another with no pause.
You will not have a chance to play these Level, as it
just cycles through them all.

-Fullscreen Full Screen Graphics Mode


1. Start the game using a code/codes as the command line parameters (arguments).
Don't know what a parameter means huh? Search on the web.

Examples to try:
a) Running in a DOS box within the game dir:
BEL.exe -MouseLook:20,30 -infiniteammo -noDamage

b) Make a Winblows shortcut to BEL.exe which is in your game dir.
add to the end of the target box: -MouseLook:20,30 -infiniteammo -noDamage
like: "X:....\EL.exe" -MouseLook:20,30 -infiniteammo -noDamage

2. Every Code that *ends with a colon* REQUIRES some sort of setting(s).
Some may need either a String or a Number, such as:



3. Be aware that the shortcuts already created by the Game Installer are
executing the file "PDLauncher_e.exe".

That Launcher in-turn runs BEL.exe after you choose your Options and select
"Play". The Launcher already passes a bunch of CommandLine Parameters to
the game.

However, as stated above: to make use of these Cheat/Debug codes, you must
run BEL.exe directly, which bypasses the PDLauncher_e.exe and all of it's
Configuration Options. So, you may need to directly enable some stuff such
as "-Res" for the Screen Resolution or "-MouseLook:##,##", if the game's
DEFAULT Options do not work well on your computer.


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