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  Earth 2160 v1.3.5 SSE [trainer +16]
A Trainer to Hack the game's memory which allows cheating.

As always, TNT Trainers work ('should work') on all Operating Systems supported
by the game itself. Others should follow suit or risk being propered. Enjoy.

##. HotKey Effect
--- ------ ------
01 __ No1 Dies - As said, no1 will be killed.
02 __ Full HP Regeneration - Normally, a damaged unit gets healed
slowly, piece by piece. This will heal it all at once.
For everything with Health on the map, yours and the enemy's.
03 __ 1-Hit-Kill - Kills a unit (yours too!) right on spot. Fun when
you activate the "Infinite HP on your Hero" option #07, and you
are going to do your own holocaust ;P
04 __ Unlimited Units - Who can beat you with an army of 10,000
units?!? This limit is set (10k) to prevent a pc crash.
05 __ Instant Unit - 0Sec to train a unit! 0 Resources consumed also.
06 __ Instant Building - 0Sec & 0 Resources to constract a building,
make your own 'sim city' ;)
Note: Most options above effect both units & buildings, except
where it explicitly says an Option effect only units.

~~ Infantry Hero Options
These will affect the Hero unit only.
07 __ Infinite HP
08 __ Infinite Mind
09 __ Experience Level - 1000
10 __ Experience Points - 640
11 __ Arm. Cover - 1000
12 __ Arm. Reflect - 1000
13 __ Arm. AntyChem - 1000
14 __ Shield - 1000
15 __ Electronics - 1000
16 __ Energy Reflect - 1000

No HotKeys for this Trainer; just Alt-Tab out of the Game to enable any Effects
that you wish.

1) I didn't write a support for the NON_SSE version because i had enough with
it. The day the v1.3.5 came out i had a trainer ready for v1.3 already,
and it was built for nothing obviously. Almost broke my warrior spirit :D
Finding the right offsets (of the hero signature for example) took a few
DAYs (nights tbh;). Writing the trainer itself took at least 7-9 hours
counting all the calculations and stuff i had to do.
So if you can't use this one because you can't play with the SSE exe then
get a new pc i guess, this tech is kinda normal, OR, wait till a NON_SSE
supporting trainer will come out, tho dont expect it to come from me.
Not sorry.
2) To every other group who's gonna proper or make a "better" one: do not try
to copy my method, it's extremely lame, have some imagination.
Also there's no point in propering coz obviously the proggi works fine.
3) Money. If a trainer doesn't have it, there's a fuzzy feeling that something
is missing heh. well, this was also too much of a head ache for me, i have
life and other things to do so if you really want a money cheating i suggest
you to google for 'Earth 2160 cheats' and use the normal built-in cheats.
4) Always, before finishing a mission cancel all trainer's options coz you
might end like starting the next mission with no HP for every unit!

Last note, have fun, great game, wish i could find the place where i could make
"Instant Research", but i gave way too many hours on this one, maybe on
Earth 2170? ;-]]

1. UnRAR the archive to your game directory, overwriting any existing files.
Always unRAR with full paths!

2. You may either start the Trainer first or start the Game first. Both
methods will work fine.

3. With the game running, hit Escape to pause and then Alt-Tab or Ctrl-Escape
to get to Windows.

4. Enable any of the Effects that you wish to use and then return to the game.

NOTE: all options are usually OFF by default, upon launching the Trainer.

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