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  Dungeon Siege 2 - Enchanters MOD by Csimbi
Enchanters MOD for Dungeon Siege II by Csimbi, v1.0

This MOD will enhance the capabilites of the Enchanters allowing You to apply most of the reagents to any object type. Not all of the reagents can be allied to anything, the rules have been tweaked this way:
- reagents that could be applied to most of the objects anyway (spellbooks, rings, weapons) are now allowed for all objects.
- reagents that could be applied to melee or ranged weapons can be now applied to both kinds weapons.
- reagents that could be applied to armor can now be applied to shields as well (and vice versa).
- all reagent class restrictions removed.

Place Enchanters.ds2res into the DS2\Resources\directory.

Delete Enchanters.ds2res from the DS2\Resources\directory.

DS2 version: Tested with 2.0 and 2.1, will work with future versions unless new reagents are introduced in future patches.

This MOD will conflict with other MODs that alter the reagents.

Revelation will probably steal this release and re-tag it as their own - as they did all of my releases. You guys suck big time.

Csimbi, 29th of August 2005.

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