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  Boiling Point v1.1 (EU) [trainer +1]
WARNING: this trainer has ONLY been tested on these versions of BP :

> EU retail version w/ Reloaded noDVD (original exe should work too)
> EU update1 version w/ Hoodlum noDVD (original exe should work too)
> EU update1.1 version w/ original exe, or Hoodlum noDVD for update1


1) launch the trainer

2) launch game from the trainer (otherwise money option won't work)

3) go to Character Profile and use these numeric keypad keys :

[KP0] Money +100
[KP1] Relations with Government +1
[KP2] Relations with Guerillas +1
[KP3] Relations with Mafia +1
[KP4] Relations with Bandits +1
[KP5] Relations with Indians +1
[KP6] Relations with CIA +1
[KP7] Relations with Civilians +1

4) have phun! and please buy Xenus if you enjoy it despite its bugs!

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