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  Hellforces [trainer +8]

F1 - Unlimited Life
This option gives you unlimited Life, no matter what !
Falling....Explosions ,ya can hurt this tuff mother !

F2 - Unlimited Armour
This option gives you unlimited Armour :)

F3 - Unlimited Ammo
You will not Run out of ammo, You can freak out as much as you
want..Go on!.....Shoot the shit out of the bad guys :)

F4 - One Hit Kill
Slay even the meanest of enemies with one hit

F6 - Kill ALL
Whats this i hear you say?? instant kill everything??.....
You need to turn off the one hit kill option,
This option will kill everything thats in your range instantly
it will then kill everything as you move along the level
Remember to turn it off, or you will have nobody to fight :)

F7 - Super Speed
Yeehar! man i love this option ,its Fun Fun Fun! :)
Run around everywhere at the speed of light ,
combine it with some of ther other options and go ballistic

This option will not let the enemies shoot at you
It WILL NOT stop the Zombies from hitting you

F12 - Turn Off The Options
Diasables to above options

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