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  Fury 3 [cheats]
Type These Codes During Game Play:

Code Effect
TRYMEON - God mode
GIVITUP - All weapons
URDUSTD - Turbo boost
SSMOKIN - More turbo boost
JUMPNIT - Skip to next level
WORMIT# - Skip to level #
PACKIN# - Maximum ammo for weapon #
FRAMEIT - Toggles framerate counter
STPNSHP - Toggles hovering (hold Ctrl to hover)
PACKIN1 - Servo laser
PACKIN2 - Isogenetic gun
PACKIN3 - Rapid laser
PACKIN5 - Viper
PACKIN6 - Baryon
PACKIN7 - Superbomb
IMTUFF - 30 seconds of invincibility
TRYMEONOFF - Disable invincibility
ICUNOMO - 30 seconds of invisibility
LIVITUP - Turbo units
TURBO - Extra turbo
SCPPEIT - Oscilliscope
TUFENUF - Full shields

Get enemies inside an underground room:
On New Kroy, Mission 1, go to coordinates 150, 180 while you are above the clouds. Dive straight down slowly, and you will enter a half-room with two bunkers. Destroy the bunkers. The floor will have a picture of "TRI: Terminal Reality Incorporated." Make sure there are enemies underneath the clouds and in the half-room with you at this point. Find the tunnel, go in, and when you come out the other side, turn around and blow up the four small gray buildings that were directly behind you. Underneath one is a tunnel exit, where you came out; underneath another is a tunnel entrance. Go into it. When you emerge from the other side, the enemies that were in the half-room are now in the underground room.

Extra points:
When attacking bunkers and control towers on Ares, or the small rectangular buildings on Vestra, do not stop at destroying the buildings themselves. Destroy their bases. This will give you some extra ground target points. The same thing happens with air targets. If you destroy them, and they are hurtling toward the ground, put them out of their misery. You will get extra air target points by destroying them a second time.

Avoid attack:
If you enabled the Hover! Code on Terran or Ares, fly directly underneath the hovering gunships (on Terran) or floating missile launchers (on Ares). You can hit them, but they will not be able to hit you.

Invisibility warning:
When you are invisible your laser shots move much slower than when you can be seen. If you are stickler for precision, do not consider going invisible.

Reverse missile launchers:
To fire at someone behind you, select either Viper missiles (5) or Bion Fury Missiles (6). Press V twice, so that the game switches from "chase" to "outside" view. Turn the viewpoint around by using [Insert] or [Delete] so you can see behind yourself. If there are enemies behind you, fire your missiles. They will fly towards the enemies, even though you are not facing them. Note: This will not work with Dead-On Missiles, because they are not homing missiles.

Sideways laser shots:
Fly up as high as you can go, and fire with one of your laser shots.
It will appear to turn sideways and fly straight.

Giant enemies on radar:
Fly up as high as possible and wait until an enemy flies above you. As soon as it is directly above you, go to radar. The enemy (which is really your size or smaller) will
appear huge.

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