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  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [100% savegame]
Psy's 100% Save File - Readme

Extract the file to your "C:\Documents and Settings\***USER NAME HERE***\My DocumentsGTA San Andreas User Files" folder. If you have a previous save file, this will overwrite it, so you may wish to rename the file from "GTASAsf1.b" to "GTASAsf2.b" or change the last number to anything from 1-8 and the game will appear in that save slot. From there just load the file from the new game menu and enjoy playing around the whole state.

There's still a lot of stuff I haven't touched yet seeing as I just rushed through the game, but with no deaths, no arrests, infinite ammo, lots of maxed out stats and a Hydra + Rhino in Grove Street, I'm sure it'll be of some use to someone. I actually played through the whole game in like 4 days with no cheats, no trainers and obviously no deaths or arrests (although I did reload a few times after dying), I've done it multiple times on PS2 and apart from the awesome graphics, there wasn't really anything new about the PC version, so I thought I'd unlock the whole game for any people who may have played the PS2 version and just wanted to play around on here.

I will be updating the file soon with all girlfriends unlocked, max stats, and a bunch more stuff, but for now this should do.

- Psy

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