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  Ancient Seal v2.0.1.6 [unlocker]
A SavedGame giving you access to all of the areas of the game.

All 8 Stages of the Victory Pass Gate
All 8 Stages of the Paradise Path Gate
All 8 Stages of the Rainbow Road Gate
Grants you 42,000 Coins (which are needed to purchase Gameplay Helpers
that are located on the Right Side of the screen)

Game crashed on Win9x before starting. On our WinXP test box, there was
no sound. So, we hope it works better for you. Seems like bad coding.

1. UnZIP all archives to a temporary directory.

2. Always make a backup copy of your game file(s) first:

3. UnRAR the archive to your game directory, overwriting any existing files.
Always unRAR with full paths!

4. Launch the game and Select "Play". Select the profile "TNT" and Enter.
Choose "Select Gate" to pick one of the 3 Gates. Then, select your stage.
You must start at Level 1 of each Stage, because the game does not save
which Level you are on.

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