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  BubbleDiff.v2.21[trainer +3]
Unzip/Unrar trainer into your game directory, then start trainer
with "pztrain.exe", and finally start the game. During gameplay
toggle trainer options by pressing the following key combinations:

Enable Disable Option
1 Enable Unlimited Time (Including No
Punishment For Picking Wrong Bubbles)
2 Enable Unlimited Helpers
3 Skip Level
0 Resume All To Normal

NOTE: You may have seen 0529/BubbleDiff.v2.21.PLUS1.TRAINER-TRDogs
trainer released earlier by TRDogs.

However it claims 'unlimited time' in the trainer,
but the .nfo explains that it only freezes the time and
that you still get time-punished when picking wrong bubbles.

Well, how hard could it be to find that additional
time subtraction ? Needless to mention that this minor
problem has been fixed with this trainer, aswell as a couple
other easily done options added on top.

TRDogs, if you really are 'oldschool', atleast try to assure
that your releases are quality oriented, instead of hinting
that you dont really have any clue as to what you are dealing
with. At the very least, and if you can not do any better,
tag your trainers like the rest of the scene does; make

Kthx. ;)

/Team PiZZA

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