Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Scrapland [Xbox]
Cheat Mode
Put a controller into port 4 and hit start. Highlight Options, then click and hold the LEFT ANALOG STICK and enter A.

Easy Alarm:
Alarm level reduces almost instantly when out of sight.

Complete Crazy Deal:
Completes all current Crazy Bets, unlocking next Super Crazy Bet.

Dumb Enemies:
Enemies will not fire upon you.

One Million:
Gives you 1 millions Scraps.

50 Lifes:
Grants you 50 lifes.

God Mode:
Infinite health and energy. Also receives full weaponry, infinite ammo and infinite boost for ship

Avoiding cops
If the cops are after you and you cannot lose them, go to Rusty's scrap yard. When you land or park, the cops will give up looking for you.

Easy money
Use the Great Database and change into the head banker; his powers allow you to get money from more than one robot at once.

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