Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Atomaders v1.7.7.426 [trainer +13]
Unzip/Unrar trainer into your game directory, then start trainer
with "pztrain.exe", and finally start the game. During gameplay
toggle trainer options by pressing the following key combinations:

Enable Disable Option
TAB Toggle Infinite Lives
1 Toggle Infinite/Rapid Alternate Fire*
INS Get Shield
DEL Get Timestop
HOME Get Defense Launcher
2 Get One Life
3 Get Right Swing
4 Get V. Strike
5 Get Front Hit
6 Get Ricochet
7 Get Cluster Bomb
8 Get Crusher
9 Get Spiral Strike
0 Get Laser Beam

* this option may cause lag, use it with non-graphically intense
weapons, such as the laser. giving yourself more weapons will
cause those to be fired in addition to the first. picking up
powerups will reset the current weapon(s).

/Team PiZZA

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