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  Empire Earth 2 [trainer +3]

1. Copy trainer to game folder

2. Run game from trainer

3. Press desired keys

4. Have fun and stuff


Meh my +1 trainer only worked in tutorial mode, my bad for not testing it, here is a proper
with 2 more options, I did think about an Instant Build option but I didnt want to make the
game TOOOOOO easy for you now :P


F1 - Resources - Basically press F1 and wait till you collect something, and
watch the goodies come flooding in :) Hint : Always have 1
builder collecting to keep values steady at 65535.

F2 - Population - This will set your population amount to 1 after you train a
unit. Huge Armies yes?

F3 - Max Tech - This will boost your tech points to 65535 aslong as you have
someone building tech points in your University.


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