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  Guardian v1.120-1 [savegame editor]
TNT has created this Editor instead of making Unlockers for this game because
only 1 Mission can be unlocked at a time. Which means that a large number of
SaveGame files would be needed to fully unlock everything you might want.

Guardian is a very nice Defender style game with different Guns, Missiles, &
Bombs upgrades available.

Saved Mission Number:
1 through 30

Number of Lives (Clones) remaining
0 through 255

Weapon #1 (the Main Gun)
1 through 5
(#5 is supposedly the most powerful)

Our program does not Edit (or secret alter):
Game Difficulty Setting
Missile or Bomb weapons (stored in odd way within the file)
Failed/Passed Status for any Levels

We do not see much reason to edit those settings above.
You can quickly kill some enemies on any Level to upgrade your Missiles & Bombs.


1. UnZIP the archive to your game directory, overwriting any existing files.

2. Do one of the following (a -or- b):
a) You have already Started a 'New Game' or have been playing a while:
Exit the game to get a SaveGame file properly written to your Hard Drive.

b) You have never run the game or had problems with our Editor!
UnRAR SAVEGAME.RAR to your game directory, overwriting any existing files.
This will give you a new proper Saved File, ready for editing.
Our SavedFile will start on the last Difficulty you have played at or on
"Weekend Warrior" Difficulty if you have never played yet.

To choose a new Difficulty:
Launch the game, change Difficulty, begin a New Game, then quit the game.

3. Always make a backup copy of your game file(s) first:

4. Run the SaveGame Editor:

Be aware of the Lower and Higher limits for each Setting as listed by the
Editor on the right side.

5. Choose your Settings. Quit the Editor.

6. Launch the game.

7. Select "Resume Game" to continue on the Level you have choosen.

8. Also, to change the Difficulty Setting:
a) Start a New Game at Level 1 on your chosen Difficulty
b) Quit the game
c) Run our Editor to choose your new settings, then re-launch the game

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