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  Airborne Troops [cheat codes enabler]
Cheat Codes:

God Hero is ... a God : God [LifeLevel]
Your health is restored to 100% and you no longer take damage.

FullAmmo Set unlimited Ammo
All weapons receive maximum ammo and infinate reloading.


1. Always make a backup copy of your game file(s) first:

2. UnRAR the archive to your game directory, overwriting any existing files.
Always unRAR with full paths!


4. Start the game.

5. Begin a New Game or Load a Saved Game.

6. By Default, we bound these key mappings:
God Mode to F6
Full Ammo to F7

You can rebind these Cheats to other keys or mouse actions if you wish.
Check the file "commands.scr" for example Key_Codes.

Re-Binding is done in the file: TNT.SCR

7. Hit a Cheat Code trigger key once to engage a cheat.
Hit the trigger key again to disengage the cheat.

NOTE for FullAmmo:
It's much faster to hit this Cheat Key, than it is to allow your hero to
manually reload. You get an instant reload when using the cheat.
Notice the slow manual reload of the rocket launcher.

8. If you ever change your game key bindings using the game's utility named
keyconfig.exe, then you must re-run TNTCHEAT.BAT to re-enable your cheats.

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