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  Country Justice Revenge of The Rednecks [trainer +2]
F1 - Infinite Health

F2 - Infinite Ammo

This option gives infinite ammo and also takes care of reloading you guns.

F3 - Infinite Lives

This option will give you unlimited ammount of lives so you can die as much as you want;) If you really want to be immortal use the Infinite Health cheat instead

F4 - Infinite Moonshine

This option will let you drink as much moonshine as you want but it decreases. It speeds you up ingame and if you run with it you go even faster;)

F5 - Moonshine never decreases

If you don't want to drink all the time use this cheat instead. The moonshine will not decrease anymore and you don't need to drink all the time. Just drink you and it won't decrease anymnore

F6 - Back to normal

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