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  CSI: Miami - Savegame + puzzle pictures
This save game will help you to unlock all Cases and Extras in CSI Miami Game and there is also
a picture of each Extra puzzle which can help you to solve the extra puzzles.

1- Extract to "//Game Folder//CSI-Miami//Data//"
When prompt for replace select "Yes To All"

Note : This will replace your profile but will not make any changes in your own save game

2- Now start the game :

All 5 Cases are unlocked !
All 9 Extras for each Case are unlocked !
All 9 Bonus Extras are unlocked !

3-Do you have any problem in solving Extra puzzles ?
your problem is solved! in this ZIP file you can find :
"Case1Puzzle.jpg" , "Case2Puzzle.jpg" ,
"Case3Puzzle.jpg" , "Case4Puzzle.jpg" , "Case5Puzzle.jpg" , "BonusPuzzle.jpg"

Any Questions about this Save Game ? Come on! you are welcomed to ask any question !

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Started : January 04 2005
Released : January 06 2005

By Anoosh Soft

Special Thanks to Ardi (Ardnoosh)
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