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  Fallout 2 [cheats updated]
Double your items
first put all your items in a locker (or something similar) and save.
press alt+tab and go to the saved game files where the game in install and copy the map file of where your are onto the desktop then go back into the game and take your items back out and then save. Then put the map file back into the saved game folder and then load your game, then you can get your items out of the locker (or the like) again.
So now you double everything
Be careful to look at the weight you are carrying.

Easter Egg
Hold the SHIFT key and click on credits for quotes from the development team. Note: There's some pretty raw stuff here.

Easy Skill Points and Levels
Gain a level and wait for the screen with the perks to appear. Highlight the perk and click "Done" on the perk screen. However, click "Cancel" on the main screen. Click back to the character screen and the perk screen will appear again. Repeat these step to gain unlimited levels and 99 skill points.

Stimpacks and Antidote
Give Mayron as many ingredients for the stimpacks and antidote as needed, and he will create them.

Unlimited Money
Go to the "Broken Hills". Walk to the right until you reach the screen where the miners are waiting for you to clear the mine. Walk into the mine and then run straight to the right. Do not worry about the rocks that seem to block your path; they are there just to make you think it is the end of the road. If you walk close to them, you can see that you can walk past the rocks.

There is a man in there who is not aware of the year. Wake him up, and when he has ran out of the mine, walk up to the footlocker and get the ore out of it. Walk out of the mine and back to the first screen. At the bottom of the screen just below the traders lies the "Broken Hills Ore Refinery".

Walk into the refinery and talk to the head ghoul (he is in the office). Sell the ore to him, and then sleep for 25 hours. After waking up, talk to the ghoul again to get your ore back. He will ask if he can buy the ore because the city needs it and will offer you your $1000 plus an extra $500. Take the $500 extra and then talk to the ghoul again. If done correctly, he will make the offer again. Take the money and then talk to him again for another offer. Repeat this to get as much money as needed. Make sure never to give it to him for free or settle for the $1000. If you do, the offer will not appear again.

Note: This trick may not work if the game has been patched.

Programmers' Comments
Hold [Shift] and click on the "Credits" button to hear various comments from the development team.

6 Party Members
Requirements: Charisma of 10 or 8 (with Magnetic Personality), Myron How to do it: Wander around until you have 5 people (including Myron) in your party. When you get to the 6th person you want in your group, tell Myron to wait for you wherever you are. Get the 6th person to join you. Then talk to Myron and tell him to get back in the group. There you are with 6 people in your party.

7 Party Members
Requirements: All of the Above, have not gotten married How to do it: Follow the instructions above. When you get your 6th member, go to Modoc and get married. There are now 7 party members in your little horde. There is one drawback though: You can't tell anybody to leave your party, or else you have to leave one person behind.

Here and Now perk glitch
This is a commonly seen cheat, however most fail to mention how this is actually done.

Wait for the level that gives you perks; every level divisible by 3 or 4 if you're skilled or educated, I can't remember off hand.

When this occurs you have the Here and Now perk which grants you an immediate level up. Highlight this perk and select done. You would have gained a level and more skill points and hit points. Select cancel and when you open the Character screen you have a chance to select perks again. Repeat this to gain levels.

Note: Skill points max out at 99 points.

Warning: Gaining levels with this method would mean that
you lose out in selecting perks.

It works with Fallout v1.02 which is the version I'm using

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