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  Space Interceptor - Project Freedom [all access cheat]
SavedGames giving you access to all of the areas of the game.

All 21 Missions at each of the 3 Difficulty Levels (Easy, Medium, Hard)

Gives what we believe to be the Maximum Stats for:
Ship Attack, Ship Defense, & Ship Speed in ALL missions
(or else you would get murdered on the later levels).
Observe the "Ship" button after loading a savegame.


1. Always make a backup copy of your game file(s) first:
"My DocumentsProject Freedom savegames*"

2. There are not enough Save Slots to hold all 21 missions, so we had to use
multiple archives with duplicate save file names.

UnRAR one archive to your "My Documents" directory, overwriting any existing
Always unRAR with full paths!

Archives name are pretty self explanitory, but we'll give you details anyway:

E__01-10.RAR Easy Missions 1 to 10
E__11-21.RAR Easy Missions 11 to 21

M__01-10.RAR Medium Missions 1 to 10
M__11-21.RAR Medium Missions 11 to 21

H__01-10.RAR Hard Missions 1 to 10
H__11-21.RAR Hard Missions 11 to 21

3. If you can not complete step #2 because you do not know where this directory
is, then:

a) Run the game once to force the game to write files to "My Documents":
Start a NEW GAME, then Quit the game.

b) Search your system for the file "pf_save000.bin".
It will be in the "Project Freedom savegames"
sub-directory of "My Documents".

c) Remember to unRAR into "My Documents" itself, NOT into any sub-directory.

4. Play a mission

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